2022 Clinical Skills Labs Schedule and Registration


Jan 2022

Stallion Exam

Location: Lazy E Ranch, Guthrie, OK
Sponsors: Lazy E Ranch and Patterson Companies, INC.

The Stallion Clinical Skill Lab focuses on handling breeding stallions. This is an introduction to stallion attitudes and proper techniques in handling the stallions while in the breeding program. Breeding soundness evaluations are covered as well as proper techniques in semen evaluation and preparation.


Feb 2022


Location: Oakridge Equine Hospital, Edmond, OK
Sponsors:Oakridge Equine Hospital and Midwest Veterinary Supply

Students first participate in a lecture on proper equine radiographic techniques. Afterward, students rotate through several stations allowing them to take radiographs of the joints and foot of the forelimb while being mentored by an instructor. One of the stations is dedicated to reading radiographs and observing bony abnormalities. For the safety of the students, hind leg radiographic techniques are covered only by live demonstrations by the instructing veterinarians.


March 2022

Colic Exam

Location: Pine Ridge Equine Hospital, Glenpool, OK
Sponsors: Pine Ridge Equine Hospital and Boehringer Ingelheim

The session starts with a lecture and discussion covering clinical signs, causes and treatments of common etiologies, physical exam findings and other diagnostics and signs that suggest the need for referral for more in-depth treatment both medical and surgical.  After the lecture, students will break into groups to practice diagnostic and treatment techniques such as Nasogastric intubation, rectal exam, and abdominal ultrasound.


April 2022


Location: Flying Y Ranch, Carney, OK
Sponsors: Flying Y Ranch and Amerisource Bergen – MWI Animal Health

Students first participate in a lecture on equine hoof anatomy, function, and pathological abnormalities. Students then break up into small groups for hands on practice picking up and holding feet, physical examination of the hoof structures and hoof trimming.


May 2022


Location: Lazy E Ranch, Guthrie, OK
Sponsors: Lazy E Ranch and Merck Animal Health

This clinical skills lab focuses on the handling and examination of new foals, field diagnosis and treatment of common issues seen with equine neonates.


June 2022

Lameness Diagnostics and Joint Injections

Location: Brazos Valley Equine Hospital, Salado, TX
Sponsors: Brazos Valley Equine Hospital and Boehringer Ingelheim

Basic ultrasound and ultrasound of the distal limb accompanied with nerve blocks and joint injections in cadaver limbs.


Sep 2022


Location: Oklahoma City Equine Clinic, Oklahoma City, OK
Sponsors: Oklahoma City Equine Clinic and Merck Animal Health

In this wet lab, the host clinic provides a large group of mares that are not in foal. These mares are palpated by the students, teaching them proper technique and anatomy while palpating the mares. The ovaries, both uterine horns, the cervix, as well as the body of the uterus are all palpated by the students.


Oct 2022

Pathways to Success Career Symposium

Location: Heritage Place, Oklahoma City, OK


Nov 2022

Lameness Diagnostics

Location: Performance Equine Associates
Sponsors: Performance Equine Associates and Midwest Veterinary Supply

In this lab students will be introduced to the lameness exam accompanied with diagnostic imaging.