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Veterinarians Encouraging and Teaching

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In 2018 a concerned group of equine veterinarians, industry representatives, and ranch owners met in Stillwater, Oklahoma, to discuss ongoing trends in the equine industry today as well as how they may affect the industry in the future. As a result of this meeting, a group of motivated individuals heard the battle cry and formed the organization, Veterinarians Encouraging & Teaching (V.E.T.). V.E.T. is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on enhancing relationships between veterinary students, private practice, and academia through social events, clinical skills wet labs, and mentorship avenues.

As an organization, we aid the equine community by offering the following services and resources:

  • Clinical Skills Wet Labs
  • “Pathways to Success” Career Symposium
  • Outreach Opportunities and Networking Page
  • C.E. Opportunities (Live and On Demand)
  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance for Students
  • Tackling Social Media Page
  • Practice Ownership Empowerment and Knowledge
  • And much much more …

Despite this organization being in its infancy, we are humbled not only by its success, but by the realization communicated to us by the equine community for its necessity. V.E.T. has offered its services at zero cost to veterinary students and equine veterinarians/hospitals since day one since we are funded solely by private donations and sponsorships from within the industry. The organization’s goal is to remain available as a free resource and service to the equine community with the generosity of continued support, donations, and sponsorships from individuals and/or businesses such as yourselves.

With only 1.3% of graduating veterinary students entering the equine field today, it is imperative that we put a strong focus on the recruitment and retention of interested and capable individuals for our field to survive. V.E.T. is passionate about our futures and the future of this industry. Please join us in the fight to not only survive, but to thrive.

Where We Can Be Found

In previous years, we have only provided our services to Oklahoma and Texas. Going forward, we will expand our footprint and outreach to include Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas and Louisiana.

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V.E.T. in Action

I really enjoyed each wet lab that was put together. They were not only well organized and informative, but a lot of fun. It was great to speak one on one with real practitioners, while learning hands on skills we will use in the future.

Summer White
Veterinary Student

It was great getting to work with experienced equine veterinarians. I really appreciated the time they spent teaching us. It showed that they really care about producing a future competent veterinarian.

Kelly Forbes
Veterinary Student

The wet lab that I attended went really well and I am glad that I got the opportunity to work with experienced vets from all over Oklahoma. I look forward to attending more labs like these in the future.

Greg Yoast
Veterinary Student

The VET program has exceeded my expectations in providing quality hands on experiences to CVHS students with horses in husbandry, physical examination skills and practice management. These experiences under the guidance of talented practitioners, will increase our student’s readiness to enter practice and to have an immediate impact to the equine industry after graduation.

Dean Carlos A. Risco
DVM, DACT, Oklahoma State University, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

I am so thankful that veterinarians from around Oklahoma want to help in the success of future veterinarians by creating opportunities for students to get hands on experience and build connections.

Seth Hiddink
Veterinary Student